Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I've heard some fairly good things about this anime. I do know that it's slightly horror like, supposedly having something to do with a serial killer. It's a very dark anime or so I've heard.

The first episode begins with a group of surgeons coming out of a successful brain surgery. Then, just down the hall we see a weeping woman who has lost her husband. Cue opener. After the opener we go to Germany in 1986. Tenma, our lead man, is woken up by a women. He turns over and we end up watching some news. This scene ends with some possibilities of sex for Tenma. Then we're in another surgery. And out of it just as fast. He walks down the hall and a co-wroker talks with him. Then he sees the crying woman and her son, the woman glares at him for some reason as he walks by. He asks her, and she yells at him to giver her back her husband and attacks him. Tenma thinks back on it, and just stands there in shock over how he was used. Then we go to a restaurant with Tenma and his girlfriend. She's talking about clothes. He can't get ocer the case with that woman's husband. FYI- His girlfriend is a heartless B*tch. She says "not all human lives are of equal importance." Yeah, like yours. He goes all glassy eyed and flashes back to the event of the day. The next scene is police arriving on a call. There were shots heard, and this is the home of a foreign polotician seeking asylym. They come in on the politician and wife dead on the floor. We then see in another room the boy twin shot, and the girl, stock still, looking out in horror. Tenma gets called in to operate on the boy. cue break. As tenma drives to the hospital, he flashes back on the evening with hi FIANCEE not just GF and her father. We come to realize that Dad is also a jerk, and not a doctor who believes in saving lives. As tenma comes out of his flashback, he almost hits a semi! He arrives at the hospital and directly starts in with stuff about the patient. He goes into surgery not long afterward. The director tries to pull him out of this surgery in favor of the mayor. ooooh...what does he chose?

The art of this anime is interesting. It's slightly different than normal art in a way that kind of makes me not like it. The faces are drawn very oddly. Not so much a fan of this. I heart the theme song. It's kind of etheral and rock-y. It's a good combo.

I don't like this anime much. It doesn't hold my attention. I've heard fairly good things about it, but it hasn't gotten me into it at ALL. Better luck next time.

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Although this post is so old, I did stumble across it so I felt like saying something. This is from my review after about 40 episodes . . .

The style in which the story is carried out is certainly effective in gaining the attention of the viewers. The story starts off at a fairly slow pace. As you continue to watch, however, you'll find yourself being drawn in by it. Monster is the kind of series where you just have to know what happens next. There are 74 episodes, but I'm already halfway through and there really hasn't been a boring moment yet. You will see many different characters, and at first, their connection to the story may be unknown. Then, out of nowhere, they might run into one of the main characters. There are also times when the main focus will switch between the main characters, allowing you to get a glimpse as to what the others have been up to.

If you only saw the first episode, there is no way you will be hooked. It really starts to take off after, maybe, twelve or so episodes.