Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lovely Idol

This anime is super shoujo. You'd think that would make me like it, but that's not a guarentee. The anime involves, as you would expect, an idol group. There's so far 2 sets of 6 girls in this group. A lot no? And the first episode begins when they are planning to bring in the next group, but of only four girls. The group itself is called the Lovedols.

The first 8 minutes of the ep are in the intro and the first two groups of idols coming out and presenting themselves with a song. Then, just when they were going to bring out the new idols, they delay it. Their manager freaks out and goes to the president. She says they are not ready, and until they are, they won't make their debut. The girls of course are heartbroken. But it is a delay and NOT a cancelation. They just have to work harder. So the manager spends the next 10 minutes trying to figure out what's missing. While walking home, he sees a singer, and there's that magical slowing of time effect that anime loves so much, which signifies to us, that she's the missing part. So he goes and listens to her sing (her song, btw, is so much better than the songs of the 'pro-idols'). He follows her and tries to get her to join up with the group (he follows her for like 10 minutes in real time so like 20 secs in the show). She declines, and says she hates singing. She does it "for revenge" DUHNDUDHN DUNH!!! Cut to the ending. That scene is the clincher. It pulled me in (you can tell by my changing tone that I started to like it).

The songs were fairly low key. They sounded the same and they had the same subject, being in love. I'm pro-love, but the songs just sucked. They were boring, execept for 'revenge' girl's song. Her's was really good. The art is fairly normal. The art while the idols on stage is interesting due to how they did the lights on the stage. It's not bad, but not special either. Just your usual cast of bright haired girls in short skirts. The plot seemed pretty boring, but it took a wicked turn in the last 10 seconds before the end. I say that you should give this anime a try!

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