Friday, November 10, 2006

St.Luminous Mission High School

This show has a bit of mystery, a bit of romance, and evena bit of crossdressing (after all, if you want to go to a girl's school, and you're a boy, you gotta play the part right?)

The first episode begins in a way most men would enjoy. It begins in the shower with a girl (well, technically, it follows the flow of the pipes, THEN goes to the girl). So the girl is showering and her friend is in the next shower over. She asks if she can borrow some shampoo, but no one answers. She goes to check on her friend and she's just GONE. Shoot to the next scene. we meet our lead male and his friend. Our lead guy is going to become that Chairman at St.Luminous. His grandfather died and willed it to him. When he arrives by train in the city, he was going to wait two hours for the bus, but he sees a girl, who magically dissapears, and follows her. He follows her around for awhile, then she dissapears again. Then he meets up with his friend and they head off to St. Luminous. A sister meets them at the gate, the introduces them to the school via a broadcast system. We come to find out from this same woman, that the girl he saw is the same one they dissapears. So our lead male goes off in search of her. He doesn't find anything, but the rest of the episode is him and a few others trying to solve the mystery.

The art is ok, nothing to be really excited about. Fairly modern art style. The music is also fairly basic. I'm not really interested in this anime, not enough pull for me to watch it.

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