Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paradise Kiss

First off, I completely fell in love with this anime about halfway through the first episode. Isabella and Miwako and George are my heroes. I highly recommend this anime to anyone, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. Now to the summeries.

The story revolves around the lead girl Yukari. She's essentially a brat. She's a goody-too-shoes who thinks she's all that. No, no, don't let that discourage you. The ParaKiss gang ground her. Anyway, Arashi- a guy with safety pins pierced into his face- basically accosts Yukari because he thinks she the perfect model for their clothing brand, Paradise Kiss, or ParaKiss for short. She essentially runs away from him (I would have too : ) and runs into Isabelle, whom for some reason makes her faint. She wakes up in the Atelier, their studio. It used to be a bar....and not it's not. To make a long story short, she meets the whole gang (Isabelle, Arashi, George (short haired bishounen like-woah), and Miwako) and they ask her to be their model. That goes over like a lead balloon. For some reason, Miwako ends up calling Yukari 'Caroline' and it sticks for the rest of the ep. But it works. I like it. I won't spoil the ending, but let's say that's not the last time Yukari ends up in the Atelier, especially when George has a hand in it!

Now, there are some things that some people might not like about it. The art style is pretty different. I love it, but it's very different from most anime. Yukari and Miwako's faces for instance are fairly realistic and that makes them look kind of strange. The outfits and the Atelier are very artsy (go fig, artsy art students) almost punk, but with a touch of sophistication. There sre some themes that some people might not be able to handle, like sexuality. George, for instance, is bi-sexual. and there's more on that vein. But if you can be liberal and trust in Parakiss, I think you'll find it's just as amazing as I did.

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