Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tokyo Mew Mew

The intro to this anime is amusing, in an enviromental sense, becuase it's very pro-wildlife. It talks about how all these animals are on the brink of extintion and how bad it is. I was worried at first, but I needent have been. This is an anime that involves magic, various races, and transformations...and oh yeah, cat girls. It's very cutesy, and I'm sure it's some form of shojou. SO if you apsolutely hate shojou, you might only watch it for the catgirls : )

The main charachter is a highschool/middle school girl. She's very cute and spunky. She asks this guy she likes on a date to an exhibit about endangered animals. While there, she gets targeted for Project Mew. She gets zapped by a cat ray essentially and becomes on with a wild cat. She soon begins to take on cat like quialities, like reflexes and washing herself (that's fairly amusing), but the best part is that she starts to meow after she speaks (which is acutally Nyao and not Meow) and starts meowing uncontrollably. Heh. It turns out that she can esentially turn into a super cat girl, and defeat monsters! She becomes MEW ICHIGO! (her name is Ichigo and in Japanese it means strawberry, so she has a pink costume and her moves are 'strawberry this' ect.) Overall, she's very cool.

The animation is very new, and very bright and pretty. Reminiscent of Pretty Cure. There are some arsty moments, ala Sailor Moon transformations. The men in the show are bishonens (go fig) and there's two guys that run this Mew group. The show is great. I've completely fallen in love with it, but I am in general a shoujo fan. Check it out!

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febri said...

i like tokyo mew mew very much