Monday, November 27, 2006

Angel Links

Angel links is an older anime, I’d say maybe mid-90’s by the art. It’s one of those animes set mostly in outer space like Gundam and Outlaw star. There’s also some very interesting mystical aspects to the show, much like in Sousei no Aquarion. It’s definitely an action anime. There’s fighting and battles. There’s also some pretty sweet spaceships in it. The main one can transform. We’re not talking like transformers here, from robot to car, it stays a spaceship the whole time. It’s just morphs for different purposes. There’s also some alien species in the show (one in particular looks like a large walking dino, that dresses himself. He’s cool)

The episode opens us with a cargo ship being attacked by pirates (all in space mind you, so there’s multiple plains to fight on : ) Then, one by one, the pirates ships get destroyed (which is interesting considering the fact that the cargo ship totally didn’t bring an escort!) It’s the three pronged ship of our heroes- it’s called Angel Links (ooh, title) Then the ship, that appears to be led mostly by women, whips out it’s cannon and vaporizes (literally) the rest of them. It’s pretty sweet. Turns out, the 16 year old girl runs the whole show, a free escort service for cargo haulers. Next there’s a reception where all this chicks clients coddle to her. Go Mei! Cue more ships to get attacked. The passengers are kidnapped, and ransomed. Angel Links takes the job of saving them from the bad guys. They give them they ransom and are taken with the bad guys until they get safely away. (learned something, the chic hides a small blue cat with wings on it’s head between her massive breasts. Yeah. I made the same face.) During a battle with the bad guys, Meifon has a flashback. She then makes her cat attack the guy, then, it turns into a sword. aahhhh, the wonders of anime. She proceeds to stab the bad guy and save the day. There’s more…but you’ll just have to watch it! I’ll just say that this ends on a veeeerrrry interesting note.

The theme song for this anime is very upbeat and cool. It’s catchy. The animation isn’t so bad that I can’t watch it. It’s a bit fuzzy, like old animation is, but the style of the characters and such is really good. I like the designs that they have in the show.

Overall- I dig this show…especially after seeing the ending. I’m totally needing to see more!

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