Monday, November 27, 2006

Vampire Princess Miyu

This is a supernatural anime. It involves demons, vampires, and magic. The hero is Miyu. She sends the demon people back to where the came from. I think It’s set in Japan somewhere, not sure where.

The first episode beings with shots of a dead girl on a school ground. Some that knows her finds her. He glimpse the vampire and follows her until she disappears in smoke. The net scene involves everyone at school talking about the killing. Then they get a new student who just happens to be the daytime version of Miyu. Of lead guy’s on the case to expose her. There’s something going on with the teacher and these 3 girls. She gets a note from them that’s strange. Then they get killed. our lead guy finds one of the bodies and sees Miyu again and follows her, but then we see Miyu, and realize that he's following a diversion. we also meet Miyu’s gang of strange people. Next, we see our guy following Miyu after school, and then talking to Miss Maiko, his teacher, about the fact that she’s in danger. The teacher is weird. Very odd, I’m suspicious of her like woah. Anyway, she doesn’t believe him and he leaves. A few scenes later, we learn the truth of the matter. Maiko’s pet chameleon is really a chameleon demon. It’s him who’s been killing the girls, for Miss Maiko’s sake. So miyu and crew kill the demon, and more shocking things happen and the ep ends.

The arts pretty good. Like mind 90’s art. Good details, colors can be a little strange. Music is ok, not great.

Overall, I’m kinda eh about the series but I’ll prolly watch it some more. I’m interested in finding out what happened to that kid.

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