Saturday, November 04, 2006

NieA 7/ Niea under 7

This anime is odd, I'm not gonna lie. But it's fairly interesting. There doesn't really seem to be a plot though. But there are some very interesting characters.

The show revolves around a woman named Chugaski that has an alien named Nia living in her apartment. She (Niea) has a ship made of trash and lives in the Chugaski. The story is about the woman's life with this alien, who she takes care of. The alien is named Nia- she's a low class alien (a lot of aliens live on earth now) called an under seven. The first ep is very random. Nia just follows Chugaski around, complaining about how hungry she is. She gets Chugaski into all kinds of trouble. The duo also meets a crazy alien-fanatic. When Niea shows this girl her her spaceship, she ends up blowing up Chugaski apartment. And that seems to be all that really happens in this episode.

There's something horribly intriging about this anime that I can't put my finger on. I'm definately thinking about watching it on youtube or something. It is something that I'm interested in. It might be the animation.

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Ashly said...

I heart you meg! You're a great friend, really. :) I am glad to know you!

PS: The boy in this picture is scary!