Thursday, November 02, 2006


This anime is pretty amusing. It has an interesting combination of elements. There are two differnt kind of people in this anime: those that use guns and are good with them (senshi) or those who use swords- and I'm refering to Katanas, not Medieval swords. Two main characters were espablished: one of each of these, a female senshi with massive breasts and a mercenary with a sword.

The show is one of those that has both a serious side and a slightly ecchi(meaning pervert) side. This, is course, is exihibited most in the main female who has big breasts. She has a serious ass kicking side in battle, but always out of battle and before battle has a naive cheery side that gets annoying. The action in the ep was great. There was a huge battle between the gun guys and the sword guys in which the sword wielding samurai guys inevitably...get shot. But this little blonde chick can shot men with her pistol from...well....very far away. The best part about her, aside from her being very awesome, is that she reloads her six shot pistol by basically launching 6 bullets out of her non-existant bra and forcibly (by her great skill) loading them into her gun without touching them. She them proceeds to wound, but not kill, some....oooh...20 men? The episode ends in glory, the main characters and their morals are revealed, and the story is set up to continue.

Now as much as it amuses me that she can load her gun with her breasts and a spin, this particular anime lets me down. I rarely like it when the heroine is both ditzy and kick butt. It conflicts too much on my character personality meter, so I think the first episode is where I'll leave it. But it's not so horrible that I would never watch another episode, i just won't go out of my way to do so!

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