Sunday, November 05, 2006


Yes, yes, I know. It's a childish kids anime that everyone should have watched when they were growing up. Yes, I know most people don't think it's that great, but I still happen to like it. It's got the evolving stuff from pokemon, but they talk, which is a plus. There are several versions of the series, including the orignal, the 2nd set of kids, and Digi-savers. There's also a movie.

I'd tell you about the first episode, but it's been very much so too long since I saw it. So I'll just discuss the the series itself. The series involves a group of middle school students. They end up getting transported to a digital world where they meet digital monsters. Each of the seven-ish kids get their own monster and their own digi-vices, which allows their digimon to grown up or digivolve into a more powerful monster. With each evolution, the Digimon get news names. The kids spend the series fighting evil digimon and trying to save the digital world.

The art in the series is usually pretty basic, but in some scenes they combine regular art with digital imaging (CG). This usually occurs with the digi-evolutions. The music is very good in the series, I love the theme song. There's also some artsy backgrounds in the series that look like they were created by water colors. Overall, though the series seems childish, I feel that makes in timeless and that everyone should watch it!

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