Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dragon Drive

This anime scores several points of multiple anime scales. The dragon ranks high on both the cuteness scale and the Badassness scale, which for some reason is very do-able in anime. I like the series, because it ends up pulling you in. It's also somewhat amusing, which is good. Here's the ep!

In the first episode, we meet our main character. He is a Japanese highschooler named Reiji. He's a slacker. He's usually late for school, and never stays involved in any club he joins. He also gets into trouble at school and is getting horrible grades. One day, his friend invites (well...tells him he's going more like) to play this game. They walk into what looks like someone's home and up to this high tech steel elevator. It takes them down to the game room. It's a very cool place. He gets involved in the game and then some extrodinary things start to occur in his life after this.

The anime revolves around this underground vitural game (which is supposedly very real looking to the anime characters) called Dragon Drive in which a digital Dragon is given to each person in the game. It's one that's based on the DNA and their personality and is made to match them. They then train and fight with their dragon in the game. They will always have the same dragon. What's weird about the main character and his dragon, is that he essentially linked up with his dragon so him and his dragon are doing the same things, movement wise. It's never been done before, so everyone (that noticed) is awed by it. This is the hook of the story. No one tells you why it's odd, no one says why it's important, and that's where it gets you. You want to find out so you'll probably end up watching more of it.

The theme to this anime rocks. I want to download it. The art is pretty normal. Some of the dragons remind me of something you might see in Digimon, but I watched Digimon, so I'm kind of okay with it. The only drawback is that it DOES kind of have that pokemon/digimon kind of feel to it, but it's also much different. There's more pull to watch it and more mystery. There's also a better script. So don't give up on it!

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