Thursday, August 09, 2007

Zombie Loan

Hmmmm...Zombie Loan...could it be about....Zombies? Or something equally supernatural? Hmmm....this is a toughie....

Not so much. It's an action anime. Reminds me a bit of Tokko, which I happen to like. Especially the opener. There's a girl lying in a puddle of blood being told she's going to die. Nice huh? A few seconds later they introduce NA NA NA!! the Bishonen main characters. The show gets weird pretty quickly. What would you do if someone handed you a hand? Literally? I definately wouldn't connect it to my wrist and then argue about dropping it, but that's what happens. And that's when you're only 5 minutes in! Kita-san, our geeky leading lady, passes out around the same time, screaming. She sees things when she's not wearing her glasses, but the mystery builds. Around 7 minutes in, you get a clue but not a very helpful one. A little later, the guys strade hands, again literally, and start fighting evil...after threatening to kill Kita-san. Nice guys. Kita is a screamer. She's already screamed around 5 times and we're not through the episode yet! Things get more an more interesting, and we're finally introduced to the Z-Loan company- they're into general loans and Zombie Loans- loans for the dead. Now there's an Idea!

The intro is awesome, at least until the lyrics kick in. I want to give the lead singer a lozenge. But the opener overall is very eye catching and draws you in.

It's a new show, so the art is very clean and clear, the way I like it.

Overall, I'd say this show is a must see!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Romeo x Juliet

Let's start with the obvious. It's based, loosely..VERY loosely, off the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. (wow, the title didn't give that away at all). It's more fantasy than Shakey's version, flying horses being involved in the first 3 minutes. It seems like there's more fighting in this one. It also seems like they both have a personality, I'm HOPING Juliet's not a complete loser (not a fan of her very much, weak woman thing and all). They got the period garb right, which is a plus. Love story and STRONG SUPPORTING characters hopefully to ensue.

In the first five minutes, you get some background on the Capulets (no spoilers here!). Pretty interesting twist on the tale. I just want to say something, FUZZY FLYING HORSES ARE AWESOME!!! I want one. Back to the review. Hehehe, Othello poster....allusion much? Introduce some very cool characters. Think Zorro in red with a kid as a sidekick. My drunken boyfriend and I had an argument over who it really was. That was amusing. I told him right off "Girl." He spent five minutes THINKING he was telling me it was a girl.....hmmmmm.....still don't really know if we're right. Female voice....short hair...names Odin...well damn it. Heh, Shakey's in this. But he's I have a problem with this. And a complete pansy. *growls at Japan* BUT he's harboring people, so I give him some props. We also get to see some of the noble court.

The theme song's pretty great. I like it. It's very "wind beneath my wings" but it's in Japanese so I like it better and it fits the story well.

Overall, I think I like it. It's like Shakey's plays all mixed up and thrown into a fantasy world!

I'm just not sure I can bear to watch it if they are just going to end it the way the story does. After all, the Japanese have no problem with calling a tragedy a happy ending!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Murder Princess

This is one of those animes where the animators weren't afraid of using blood. It's fairly bloody, but not gorey (meaning no guts, just blood). In the first episodes...lessee...we see 8 some demons get killed, maybe more, and about I'd argue 4/5 humans die. It's fantasy, being set in an entirely different world, full of demons, but also mechanical people. Nice combo. There's also a strong, kick ass female lead, which is nice. There's some paranormal tossed in there too in the form of a soul/body switch.'s like the anime's anime. They wanted to see what they could put in one anime. There's magic, and demony things, and also some ghost rider-esque transportation.

The first episode begins by introducing the female lead and her companions. They are kicking some ass for a bounty. Translation: they are bounty hunters. Check. We then go over to the Florian castle, where soldiers have been loosing their asses. The king tell the princess to escape, then bites the dust. She escapes and is replaced by one of her attendants. Then we see these two villiany characters, one in armor, and one an evil chic, who seems pretty cool. They are talking about where the princess is....split scene. Princess in the woods. her guards get killed, ripped in half by a demon. She runs for her life and runs into the bounty hunter. When the demon attacks, they both fall off a cliff and while falling they switch bodies (which is explained later, like usual).....and then.....

I'm very undecided about this anime. It's interesting, but it's not really that engaging. I have to watch more of it before I decide.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Goldfish Warning

this anime is totally for kids.

The main character is a pink haired middle schooler. In the first episode, a new girl transfers to the school, it’s actually closing soon. She was raised in a rich family, and it a flop head, she “gets dizzy whenever she sees something shabby.” She ends up getting forcibly befriended by the pink haired girl. Later, they chase a former teacher who is trying to steal the cool pink goldfish. The goldfish stealer also had a key to a safe deposit box which made the rich girl rich again. She decides to rebuild the school! WOO! But she wants to run EVERYTHING and have everything her way and ruins the fun of the school for everyone else.

The animation is very 80’s. It’s also very chibi-esque. The music is very peppy and annoying. Like bubble gum Pop almost.

Needless to say, NOT going to watch this.