Thursday, April 19, 2007

Murder Princess

This is one of those animes where the animators weren't afraid of using blood. It's fairly bloody, but not gorey (meaning no guts, just blood). In the first episodes...lessee...we see 8 some demons get killed, maybe more, and about I'd argue 4/5 humans die. It's fantasy, being set in an entirely different world, full of demons, but also mechanical people. Nice combo. There's also a strong, kick ass female lead, which is nice. There's some paranormal tossed in there too in the form of a soul/body switch.'s like the anime's anime. They wanted to see what they could put in one anime. There's magic, and demony things, and also some ghost rider-esque transportation.

The first episode begins by introducing the female lead and her companions. They are kicking some ass for a bounty. Translation: they are bounty hunters. Check. We then go over to the Florian castle, where soldiers have been loosing their asses. The king tell the princess to escape, then bites the dust. She escapes and is replaced by one of her attendants. Then we see these two villiany characters, one in armor, and one an evil chic, who seems pretty cool. They are talking about where the princess is....split scene. Princess in the woods. her guards get killed, ripped in half by a demon. She runs for her life and runs into the bounty hunter. When the demon attacks, they both fall off a cliff and while falling they switch bodies (which is explained later, like usual).....and then.....

I'm very undecided about this anime. It's interesting, but it's not really that engaging. I have to watch more of it before I decide.

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