Sunday, February 04, 2007

Goldfish Warning

this anime is totally for kids.

The main character is a pink haired middle schooler. In the first episode, a new girl transfers to the school, it’s actually closing soon. She was raised in a rich family, and it a flop head, she “gets dizzy whenever she sees something shabby.” She ends up getting forcibly befriended by the pink haired girl. Later, they chase a former teacher who is trying to steal the cool pink goldfish. The goldfish stealer also had a key to a safe deposit box which made the rich girl rich again. She decides to rebuild the school! WOO! But she wants to run EVERYTHING and have everything her way and ruins the fun of the school for everyone else.

The animation is very 80’s. It’s also very chibi-esque. The music is very peppy and annoying. Like bubble gum Pop almost.

Needless to say, NOT going to watch this.

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