Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shrine of the Morning Mist

This is one of those animes where a group of priestesses can save the world, with a twist, a boy with two different eyes, one normal and one that can see the spirit world.

In the first episode, we get to know the characters. The oldest sister is a hard ass and the leader. The middle sister is in love with the different eyes guy, and the little sister is just a sister. They have to go pick up this guy from the train station. He’s going to be attacked by their enemies, and loan behold it happens. They want his eye for it’s power. Nice huh? SO the girls have to go save him. The middle sister arrives last and ends up saving the day by hitting the bad guy with her bike. The three sisters then call upon a series of spells which allows them to bind the creature thing the bad guy created and kill it. They do that, then go home for dinner.

The animation is very good, very clean and smooth just the way I like it. The music is also cool. Very catchy.

Overall, the show’s not bad, it just isn’t’ GREAT.


Anonymous said...

the cat, koma san, rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

i luv Yuzu chan! She'z kool. Do U like her?

Anonymous said...

ooooh.....COME ON!!!!! You don't really like the show?! You're CRAZY!!! Plus, you didn't discribe the show very well- That "guy" is called Tada hiro kun. HELLO?! f&*$#n hell! You are not a good jucge.

Hannah said...

ewwww... Bad Judging!!!! I luv Yuzu!