Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pet Shop Of horrors

This is a kind of horror anime involving the bad results of breaking contracts. Each tale has a moral.

The first episode begins with this guy calling the pet shop to complain about the tiger hw got. He tried to show it to people, against the contract, and it didn’t work. The pet shop guy basically says, you’re screwed I can’t help you. Then, the tiger comes out of the wall scroll and kills him. Next, we see a guy, a detective, going into the pet shop to confront the guy. He totally (the pet shop guy) looks like a transvestite with HUGE black nails, lipstick, and very feminine features. He goes it to accuse the guy of a list of crimes. He denies them, and the detective leaves. Later, a couple comes in to buy a pet because their daughter died and they are lonely. They get a rabbit that looks just like their daughter. They get three rules, don’t show it, don’t let the incense go out, and don’t feed it anything but veggies and water. Not hard right? SO they take it home follow the rules, until they give it a cookie, then all hell breaks loose. The human looking rabbit explodes from the inside and babies spring fourth, if you turn the light on they are rabbits. It’s creepy. Anyway, so the detective guy had been camping out to see if anything happened and ended up learning about the daughter and her drug addiction. He later goes into the house when the pet shop guy shows up to collect the rabbit. The house is FULL of rabbits. They killed the dad, and the mom is surrounded by them upstairs. They (the detective and poet shop guy) go upstairs. The woman ends up telling them about her daughter, and how when she was lying in a hospital bed, on a IV from a partial drug over dose, the mom gave her more drugs because it would make her happy. Moral of the story, don’t spoil your kids.

The animation is 80’s early 90’s. There’s not a lot to say about the music, there’s no theme.

Overall, I’m going to watch the show because it perks my interest, but I don’t want to get it.

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