Sunday, February 04, 2007

Shamanic Princess

This anime seems to be one of those where there’s good guys gone bad, lots of traitorism, and people coming to earth to get something back that belongs to another world.

The episode begins with some guy saying “the wind is about to blow” then his shadow disappears. Our lead girl appears, and her pet/friend creature fights a magic thing. Cue intro. This first episode is entitled “The Throne of Yord”. Our lead girl arrives at her room, and sits down, while her ferret friend reams her for relaxing. Then they sleep. Tiara (we find out) has a dream about capturing this girl Sarah. They are just chatting about it. She wakes up. The next day, Tiara starts school- college. She makes some friends, one of them named Lena, whom she actually knows from what every place they come from, but they play it off as new acquaintances. She also meets Leon, Lena’s “partner” I assume in finding what they are looking for. That night, Tiara and her ferret guy look for the Throne of Yord. We see a random shot of that Sarah girl and someone she calls her brother. Back to our lead two. They meet up with Lena again, not a happy meeting. So they have this wicked awesome magic duel with their, idk magical entities I suppose. Lena loses round one, then Leon interferes. Tiara’s going to go totally kick ass but the bad guy is around and messing things up. we come to find out that Lena’s with the bad guys. Oooh, what will happen?

The animation is pretty 80’s. But the character’s are very clearly drawn, which is nice, and the backgrounds are fairly artsy. It also seems to be made at the beginning of the CG craze because there’s a little CG in it. Not big on the music.

Overall- I say no for me, but I know a lot of people who would like it!

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