Sunday, February 04, 2007

Magical Pokkan

This show is ridiculous. It’s ecchi, the women’s breasts bounce in a way that makes me sigh in aggravation. Men should love this show. There’s not a lot of content. It was even kind of promising in the beginning. It’s about 4 girls from the netherworld, an android, a vampire, a werewolf, and a witch. They have built their own houses randomly in a tree. And silly things happen to them…

In the first episode, we first see the vamp girl looking for a snack. She’s flying through the air, and meets up for a few shots with a pervert with a telescope. He’s all about the panties. Then, flying along she she’s this very hot bishouen and decides to munch on him, but turns out he’s not a real person. (damn. He was sexy.) He’s filled with “holy water” aka water from a church garden hose. This crazy scientist lady with HUGE breasts is trying to prove the existence of the occult, namely the female occult, so she’s trying to capture them. Someone, word gets to the other girls, and one by one they go after her. First the werewolf goes and falls into another trap. Then the android goes and gets into a trap involving electric shocking. Then, quite randomly, the witch girl shows up. She has the best costume of all, I want it! The scientists is like, there’s no scientific explanation for magic and the witch is like, I’ll show you! She’s pulls so tricks, fails a little, then does something that causes a breeze to push up her shirt showing the fact that I think she’s going commando. Nice. So the lady scientist’s henchman’s is literally rocketed off by his own nose bleed (for those that don’t know, a nose bleed is the symbol more or less for sexual arousal in anime). And he rockets around the room for awhile. Ah, men. So witch girl saves the day and wears the android girl’s panties. ooookay.
The next scene has the girl’s taking naps in the tree, except for the android girl, she’s doing dishes. The witch girl watches a mail delivery, and it so excited that she has to tell everyone else about it. About ½ of the girls didn’t know what it was, but the vamp was like, you’re talking about mail? But they decide they want to get mail, so they make a mailbox. So they make them and set them out, but obviously don’t get mail because that’s not entirely how it works. You need and address and people sending you they are all sad, meaning the android girl, and the witch. They assume he didn’t see their boxes, and make new ones. So they come up with new ideas, much of which fail. Turns out, the werewolf girl was getting mail all the time.

The animation is really good. It’s the kind of animation I usually really like in my anime. The music is also really cool. It’s that kind of theme song that starts out slow, but then turns into a rock kind of song. I like it.

Overall, the plot sucks on many levels, but there are some interesting things about it. I’m not gonna watch it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! But I warn you, it can be somewhat mind dulling.

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