Friday, December 08, 2006

Matanei Loki Ragnarok

This show is part mystery, part magic, but it definitely plays with the supernatural. It focuses on a boy that I think is more than he seems. He runs a detective agency, but goes after strange mystical thing.

The first episode begins with a girl finding a creepy talking, flying doll in an old clock tower. She takes it back with her to her house, where it randomly gets stolen by a CAT. She follows it, and ends up walking by Loki's agency. She doesn't go in that until a bit later though. When she does go in, Loki ends up denying her request to look for the doll, but ends up helping her anyway. He senses and evil force she picked up. So him and his buddy go off to find it. The girl is till looking for her doll. She's finds it and ends up climbing the clock tower. The doll goes haywire and tried to basically kill her. Meanwhile, Loki's buddy found water with his "Ghost finding sticks", and Loki chats with a woman that used to work in the mansion. It is in this way that Loki finds out about the girl that owned the doll and is able to save the say and releases the evil spirit from the doll. The girl decides to hang out with Loki more so she can see more "strange mysteries"

The animation is fairly interesting. The eyes are really striking. It's interesting. Also, there are several parts in which the animators added a slight blurring effect, like static to the scene to illustrate like magical things. Overall, the animation is pretty good. The anime seems like it has some rather dark undertones though. I don't have anything to say about the music. It's a little creepy.

Overall, I want to watch the show, but I don't think I want to buy it.

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