Monday, December 04, 2006

Da Capo

I'm not entirely sure what kind of anime this is. It's one set in high school with slightly magical things in it. Normal anime for the most part. There's some silliness, some lewdness, some general relationship confusion, the usual.

The anime starts out with a voice describing how he can see into other people's dreams, and it's boring. He's in someone's dream and the girl in the dream can't see that he's there, but can feel him, and they talk. He wakes up to his sister's random bell necklace and a pile of books on his chest. The sister goes to leave and our lead guy is like "we have to do your morning routine." She comes back rather abashedly, and the do a scene where it looks like they are going to kiss, but the brother just puts his head on her forehead to see if she still has a fever. Phew. Then he makes almost a sexual pass at her when he descibes the other option of taking her temperature in her armpit. She freaks out a runs off. Turns out, they aren't related by blood, so that makes it better. Then we see them walking to school through the always blossoming cherry trees. Then the scene pans to a window where a girl is looking out. she seems like she's a shut in. The bro and sis end up having to run to school, but they aren't actually late, everyone else is literally early. When they get to school, Nemu (aha! I got her name), the sister gets attacked by a friend who has one of those oh-so-close-yet-ok-in-Japanese-society relationships with her. Always interesting. The brother (Asakura) gets ignored. Until one of the guys in his class shows up and makes some bad puns. When they get in the school building, they find out they have a new transfer student. Asakura gets almost attacked by some girl, but Nemu deflects her (and gets complimented on it). Sakuranbo calls him Brother, but they are just cousins. Cue break. The next scene is lunch. Asakura and Nemu are chatting. He tries to hide from sakuranbo, but she finds his and the chase ensues. He tries to hide on the roof, but there's two sisters making a lunch on the roof. So he leaves. After school, Asakura escapes, and Nemu and her friend from earlier walk home with Sakuranbo. and learn some things are her. In the next scene we see Nemu and Asakura at home, they get in a little tiff, it's fairly amusing. He goes to his room and Sakura chan's just chillin' on his bed. She climbed in through the window. They chat, and Asakura does a magic trick, then Nemu comes in and Sakuranbo kisses Asakura before she leaves. Weird relationships abound. Nemu gets jealous. ooh, what will happen next!

The animation in this anime is good. Fairly new, but nothing spectacular. The music is the same, nothing really special.

I had this anime on my 50/50 list and overall I'm just bored with it. It's not horribly, it's just not GREAT.

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