Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mars of Destruction OVA

This anime is one of those alternate reality kind of things where it's set on earth, but something happens that changes things from what we know as normal. There's weird alien things involved. It's also casted by almost entirely women.

The first episode begins in space. A crew of people carrying the Mars explorer explode in space before they can break the atmostphere. Then we see a note about strange things happening in Tokyo since them. Cue the next scene in which three kick butt girls are going to duke it out with some creepy looking weird things they call ancients. They are about human shaped but look WEIRD, with like red lights built into their faces. Lasers come out of their faces a blow one girl's head off!! The other two just shrug it off like nothing happened where as I'm like OMG HER FUCKING HEAD! IT'S JUST GONE! They go into action. One of the girl's gets knocked down and we think she's gonna get killed, but they stop when this big glowing possibly another ancient, shows up. He whips out a sword and starts attacking the anchients. He's on our side, good to know. He kicks some ass, but gets kicked in return, and ends up critical. We get inside his head, learn that that thing he's in is called the MARS and that he has EVA-like daddy issues. In the next scene, we're told they're taking some of the wreckage to the US for study. They need MARS to protect things. We also find out these girls are from the AAST, which fights the Ancients to keep the people safe. Now we're watching them transport it, and it looks like some Ancients are going to ambush it. A lot of them. And that happens, there's lots of blood, our MARS guy suits up, and the city is in flames. They sure don't skimp in the dramtics. There's some classical playing in the background while MARS fights a type of ancient the girl's have never seen before. He's tough. He beats him once, then the girls try to stop him and fail. Then MARS gets a big gun to play with. That kills him. Our next scene is a nice calm scene with some chatting in the US where the parts are going to go. Back in Japan, everyone's alive including that thing and we learn that they are the real Eathlings, and that the Human's are the invaders. OOOOH.... Must connect up to the game the exists...

The art in this series is sweet. There's some really cool designs in it. The suits, especially the MARS rock. The music is good. Not great, there's also no theme song as an OVA.

Overall, while the art is good and the plot amusing, the whole things just too ridiculous. It's not well planned, the scenes are too short, and there's not back story. So uck.


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