Thursday, August 09, 2007

Zombie Loan

Hmmmm...Zombie Loan...could it be about....Zombies? Or something equally supernatural? Hmmm....this is a toughie....

Not so much. It's an action anime. Reminds me a bit of Tokko, which I happen to like. Especially the opener. There's a girl lying in a puddle of blood being told she's going to die. Nice huh? A few seconds later they introduce NA NA NA!! the Bishonen main characters. The show gets weird pretty quickly. What would you do if someone handed you a hand? Literally? I definately wouldn't connect it to my wrist and then argue about dropping it, but that's what happens. And that's when you're only 5 minutes in! Kita-san, our geeky leading lady, passes out around the same time, screaming. She sees things when she's not wearing her glasses, but the mystery builds. Around 7 minutes in, you get a clue but not a very helpful one. A little later, the guys strade hands, again literally, and start fighting evil...after threatening to kill Kita-san. Nice guys. Kita is a screamer. She's already screamed around 5 times and we're not through the episode yet! Things get more an more interesting, and we're finally introduced to the Z-Loan company- they're into general loans and Zombie Loans- loans for the dead. Now there's an Idea!

The intro is awesome, at least until the lyrics kick in. I want to give the lead singer a lozenge. But the opener overall is very eye catching and draws you in.

It's a new show, so the art is very clean and clear, the way I like it.

Overall, I'd say this show is a must see!