Thursday, August 09, 2007

Zombie Loan

Hmmmm...Zombie Loan...could it be about....Zombies? Or something equally supernatural? Hmmm....this is a toughie....

Not so much. It's an action anime. Reminds me a bit of Tokko, which I happen to like. Especially the opener. There's a girl lying in a puddle of blood being told she's going to die. Nice huh? A few seconds later they introduce NA NA NA!! the Bishonen main characters. The show gets weird pretty quickly. What would you do if someone handed you a hand? Literally? I definately wouldn't connect it to my wrist and then argue about dropping it, but that's what happens. And that's when you're only 5 minutes in! Kita-san, our geeky leading lady, passes out around the same time, screaming. She sees things when she's not wearing her glasses, but the mystery builds. Around 7 minutes in, you get a clue but not a very helpful one. A little later, the guys strade hands, again literally, and start fighting evil...after threatening to kill Kita-san. Nice guys. Kita is a screamer. She's already screamed around 5 times and we're not through the episode yet! Things get more an more interesting, and we're finally introduced to the Z-Loan company- they're into general loans and Zombie Loans- loans for the dead. Now there's an Idea!

The intro is awesome, at least until the lyrics kick in. I want to give the lead singer a lozenge. But the opener overall is very eye catching and draws you in.

It's a new show, so the art is very clean and clear, the way I like it.

Overall, I'd say this show is a must see!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Romeo x Juliet

Let's start with the obvious. It's based, loosely..VERY loosely, off the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. (wow, the title didn't give that away at all). It's more fantasy than Shakey's version, flying horses being involved in the first 3 minutes. It seems like there's more fighting in this one. It also seems like they both have a personality, I'm HOPING Juliet's not a complete loser (not a fan of her very much, weak woman thing and all). They got the period garb right, which is a plus. Love story and STRONG SUPPORTING characters hopefully to ensue.

In the first five minutes, you get some background on the Capulets (no spoilers here!). Pretty interesting twist on the tale. I just want to say something, FUZZY FLYING HORSES ARE AWESOME!!! I want one. Back to the review. Hehehe, Othello poster....allusion much? Introduce some very cool characters. Think Zorro in red with a kid as a sidekick. My drunken boyfriend and I had an argument over who it really was. That was amusing. I told him right off "Girl." He spent five minutes THINKING he was telling me it was a girl.....hmmmmm.....still don't really know if we're right. Female voice....short hair...names Odin...well damn it. Heh, Shakey's in this. But he's I have a problem with this. And a complete pansy. *growls at Japan* BUT he's harboring people, so I give him some props. We also get to see some of the noble court.

The theme song's pretty great. I like it. It's very "wind beneath my wings" but it's in Japanese so I like it better and it fits the story well.

Overall, I think I like it. It's like Shakey's plays all mixed up and thrown into a fantasy world!

I'm just not sure I can bear to watch it if they are just going to end it the way the story does. After all, the Japanese have no problem with calling a tragedy a happy ending!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Murder Princess

This is one of those animes where the animators weren't afraid of using blood. It's fairly bloody, but not gorey (meaning no guts, just blood). In the first episodes...lessee...we see 8 some demons get killed, maybe more, and about I'd argue 4/5 humans die. It's fantasy, being set in an entirely different world, full of demons, but also mechanical people. Nice combo. There's also a strong, kick ass female lead, which is nice. There's some paranormal tossed in there too in the form of a soul/body switch.'s like the anime's anime. They wanted to see what they could put in one anime. There's magic, and demony things, and also some ghost rider-esque transportation.

The first episode begins by introducing the female lead and her companions. They are kicking some ass for a bounty. Translation: they are bounty hunters. Check. We then go over to the Florian castle, where soldiers have been loosing their asses. The king tell the princess to escape, then bites the dust. She escapes and is replaced by one of her attendants. Then we see these two villiany characters, one in armor, and one an evil chic, who seems pretty cool. They are talking about where the princess is....split scene. Princess in the woods. her guards get killed, ripped in half by a demon. She runs for her life and runs into the bounty hunter. When the demon attacks, they both fall off a cliff and while falling they switch bodies (which is explained later, like usual).....and then.....

I'm very undecided about this anime. It's interesting, but it's not really that engaging. I have to watch more of it before I decide.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Goldfish Warning

this anime is totally for kids.

The main character is a pink haired middle schooler. In the first episode, a new girl transfers to the school, it’s actually closing soon. She was raised in a rich family, and it a flop head, she “gets dizzy whenever she sees something shabby.” She ends up getting forcibly befriended by the pink haired girl. Later, they chase a former teacher who is trying to steal the cool pink goldfish. The goldfish stealer also had a key to a safe deposit box which made the rich girl rich again. She decides to rebuild the school! WOO! But she wants to run EVERYTHING and have everything her way and ruins the fun of the school for everyone else.

The animation is very 80’s. It’s also very chibi-esque. The music is very peppy and annoying. Like bubble gum Pop almost.

Needless to say, NOT going to watch this.

Pet Shop Of horrors

This is a kind of horror anime involving the bad results of breaking contracts. Each tale has a moral.

The first episode begins with this guy calling the pet shop to complain about the tiger hw got. He tried to show it to people, against the contract, and it didn’t work. The pet shop guy basically says, you’re screwed I can’t help you. Then, the tiger comes out of the wall scroll and kills him. Next, we see a guy, a detective, going into the pet shop to confront the guy. He totally (the pet shop guy) looks like a transvestite with HUGE black nails, lipstick, and very feminine features. He goes it to accuse the guy of a list of crimes. He denies them, and the detective leaves. Later, a couple comes in to buy a pet because their daughter died and they are lonely. They get a rabbit that looks just like their daughter. They get three rules, don’t show it, don’t let the incense go out, and don’t feed it anything but veggies and water. Not hard right? SO they take it home follow the rules, until they give it a cookie, then all hell breaks loose. The human looking rabbit explodes from the inside and babies spring fourth, if you turn the light on they are rabbits. It’s creepy. Anyway, so the detective guy had been camping out to see if anything happened and ended up learning about the daughter and her drug addiction. He later goes into the house when the pet shop guy shows up to collect the rabbit. The house is FULL of rabbits. They killed the dad, and the mom is surrounded by them upstairs. They (the detective and poet shop guy) go upstairs. The woman ends up telling them about her daughter, and how when she was lying in a hospital bed, on a IV from a partial drug over dose, the mom gave her more drugs because it would make her happy. Moral of the story, don’t spoil your kids.

The animation is 80’s early 90’s. There’s not a lot to say about the music, there’s no theme.

Overall, I’m going to watch the show because it perks my interest, but I don’t want to get it.

Soul Hunter

This is pretty bad. I didn’t watch most of it because the animation was reeaelly old and gritty and painful. The gist is, there’s this bumbling oaf guy who’s given an important mission because no one else wants it. He has to go to earth. They know he’s gonna mess it up. The whole thing is being watched by this weird jester like guy on a flying anime of some sort. It’s just odd and the animation made me cringe, sorry I can’t give you anything better.

Shrine of the Morning Mist

This is one of those animes where a group of priestesses can save the world, with a twist, a boy with two different eyes, one normal and one that can see the spirit world.

In the first episode, we get to know the characters. The oldest sister is a hard ass and the leader. The middle sister is in love with the different eyes guy, and the little sister is just a sister. They have to go pick up this guy from the train station. He’s going to be attacked by their enemies, and loan behold it happens. They want his eye for it’s power. Nice huh? SO the girls have to go save him. The middle sister arrives last and ends up saving the day by hitting the bad guy with her bike. The three sisters then call upon a series of spells which allows them to bind the creature thing the bad guy created and kill it. They do that, then go home for dinner.

The animation is very good, very clean and smooth just the way I like it. The music is also cool. Very catchy.

Overall, the show’s not bad, it just isn’t’ GREAT.

Iria: Zeiriam the Animation OVA

This show had great potential. It’s about a brother and sister bounty hunter, well, actually about Iria, the sister.

In the first episode, we come into in when Iria is trying to collect a bounty. She comes in and kicks some butt, but another bounty hunter steals the bad guy from her. Then she goes back home. He brother is preparing to leave on a job. He leaves, but meets up with some robot kind of guys trying to stop him. Iria hears the shots, and basically hitches a ride on the top of the other (the one her took her bounty) bounty hunter’s craft. She helps her brother and hinders the bounty stealer. She ends up hitching a ride with her brother to help with the job. They are supposed to help the crew and get the cargo. When they get there, the place is a bloody mess. Most of the crew is dead, because of the cargo. They had though it was being held up, but that’s not the case. Turns out, the cargo is this creepy immortal monster that they created. It killed off a bunch of the crew. Iria’s brother fights it, and wins, then their friend bob fights it, and loses, but Iria sends him off in the escape pod with the others. Iria and her bro need to get off the ship, but end up having to fight the Zeriam. Iria gets out, and her brother says he;s going to take the last escape pod and meet him. I’m not going to spoil the ending.

The animation is 80’s, but the concept art is really cool. I like what they did with the world they created, but the story falls a little short. The music is pretty cool kind of surreal and 80’s which is quite the combo.

Overall, the plot doesn’t impress me, but I wouldn’t completely balk at seeing more of it.

Gokujou Seitokai/Best Student Council

This anime is about a group of girls, the Gokujou Setokai student council, that basically watch the backs of the school and kick butt.

In the first episode, we meet this girl who is being sent to a new high school by a Pen pal she’s never met. She has this “friend” named Puuchan who is a puppet on her right hand. He’s weird looking. You get the sense that it’s actually one of her dead parents souls. So, when she gets off the train where she’s going to be going to school, she discovers that her apartment burned down, and she has no place to live. She ends up sleeping in front of her school. In the process of going to the school, she gets in the way of the Gokujou Setokai trying to catch a criminal. She spends the rest of the episode making new friends amid the Gokujou Setokai and being admitted to their ranks. These girls are crazy. They have great skills, but can also become completely silly.

The animation ok, It’s new, it just doesn’t impress me. The theme is pretty good, very upbeat.

Overall, the show COULD have been good sans the puppet, but the puppet ruins everything.

Kurogane Communication

There’s not a lot to say about this anime. It’s center’s around the one human left on earth and her robot companions.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to all the characters, the human, Spike the robot, a gun happy robot, a smart robot that can cook and looks like the terminator, a super smart robot that sounds British, and a angsty robot named Angela that hates humans. The episode involves them eating dinner, and Angela does show, so the human goes to bring her food, but to no avail. The human ends up having a bit of a mental breakdown because she doesn’t know why her family left. The robot Angela watches this and perhaps takes something out of it. That may not seem like a lot, and it’s not, but it’s more interesting than some things I’ve watched, mainly because Angela is SWEET.

The animation’s not bad, it’s not great either about early/Mid 90’s animation. The theme song is pretty neat, for the message and also a bit for the rhythm. The meaning is just cool and romantic, which is why I like it.

Overall, I want to watch the anime to see how things end up, but I’m not super excited about it.

Shamanic Princess

This anime seems to be one of those where there’s good guys gone bad, lots of traitorism, and people coming to earth to get something back that belongs to another world.

The episode begins with some guy saying “the wind is about to blow” then his shadow disappears. Our lead girl appears, and her pet/friend creature fights a magic thing. Cue intro. This first episode is entitled “The Throne of Yord”. Our lead girl arrives at her room, and sits down, while her ferret friend reams her for relaxing. Then they sleep. Tiara (we find out) has a dream about capturing this girl Sarah. They are just chatting about it. She wakes up. The next day, Tiara starts school- college. She makes some friends, one of them named Lena, whom she actually knows from what every place they come from, but they play it off as new acquaintances. She also meets Leon, Lena’s “partner” I assume in finding what they are looking for. That night, Tiara and her ferret guy look for the Throne of Yord. We see a random shot of that Sarah girl and someone she calls her brother. Back to our lead two. They meet up with Lena again, not a happy meeting. So they have this wicked awesome magic duel with their, idk magical entities I suppose. Lena loses round one, then Leon interferes. Tiara’s going to go totally kick ass but the bad guy is around and messing things up. we come to find out that Lena’s with the bad guys. Oooh, what will happen?

The animation is pretty 80’s. But the character’s are very clearly drawn, which is nice, and the backgrounds are fairly artsy. It also seems to be made at the beginning of the CG craze because there’s a little CG in it. Not big on the music.

Overall- I say no for me, but I know a lot of people who would like it!

Magical Pokkan

This show is ridiculous. It’s ecchi, the women’s breasts bounce in a way that makes me sigh in aggravation. Men should love this show. There’s not a lot of content. It was even kind of promising in the beginning. It’s about 4 girls from the netherworld, an android, a vampire, a werewolf, and a witch. They have built their own houses randomly in a tree. And silly things happen to them…

In the first episode, we first see the vamp girl looking for a snack. She’s flying through the air, and meets up for a few shots with a pervert with a telescope. He’s all about the panties. Then, flying along she she’s this very hot bishouen and decides to munch on him, but turns out he’s not a real person. (damn. He was sexy.) He’s filled with “holy water” aka water from a church garden hose. This crazy scientist lady with HUGE breasts is trying to prove the existence of the occult, namely the female occult, so she’s trying to capture them. Someone, word gets to the other girls, and one by one they go after her. First the werewolf goes and falls into another trap. Then the android goes and gets into a trap involving electric shocking. Then, quite randomly, the witch girl shows up. She has the best costume of all, I want it! The scientists is like, there’s no scientific explanation for magic and the witch is like, I’ll show you! She’s pulls so tricks, fails a little, then does something that causes a breeze to push up her shirt showing the fact that I think she’s going commando. Nice. So the lady scientist’s henchman’s is literally rocketed off by his own nose bleed (for those that don’t know, a nose bleed is the symbol more or less for sexual arousal in anime). And he rockets around the room for awhile. Ah, men. So witch girl saves the day and wears the android girl’s panties. ooookay.
The next scene has the girl’s taking naps in the tree, except for the android girl, she’s doing dishes. The witch girl watches a mail delivery, and it so excited that she has to tell everyone else about it. About ½ of the girls didn’t know what it was, but the vamp was like, you’re talking about mail? But they decide they want to get mail, so they make a mailbox. So they make them and set them out, but obviously don’t get mail because that’s not entirely how it works. You need and address and people sending you they are all sad, meaning the android girl, and the witch. They assume he didn’t see their boxes, and make new ones. So they come up with new ideas, much of which fail. Turns out, the werewolf girl was getting mail all the time.

The animation is really good. It’s the kind of animation I usually really like in my anime. The music is also really cool. It’s that kind of theme song that starts out slow, but then turns into a rock kind of song. I like it.

Overall, the plot sucks on many levels, but there are some interesting things about it. I’m not gonna watch it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! But I warn you, it can be somewhat mind dulling.