Friday, December 08, 2006

Matanei Loki Ragnarok

This show is part mystery, part magic, but it definitely plays with the supernatural. It focuses on a boy that I think is more than he seems. He runs a detective agency, but goes after strange mystical thing.

The first episode begins with a girl finding a creepy talking, flying doll in an old clock tower. She takes it back with her to her house, where it randomly gets stolen by a CAT. She follows it, and ends up walking by Loki's agency. She doesn't go in that until a bit later though. When she does go in, Loki ends up denying her request to look for the doll, but ends up helping her anyway. He senses and evil force she picked up. So him and his buddy go off to find it. The girl is till looking for her doll. She's finds it and ends up climbing the clock tower. The doll goes haywire and tried to basically kill her. Meanwhile, Loki's buddy found water with his "Ghost finding sticks", and Loki chats with a woman that used to work in the mansion. It is in this way that Loki finds out about the girl that owned the doll and is able to save the say and releases the evil spirit from the doll. The girl decides to hang out with Loki more so she can see more "strange mysteries"

The animation is fairly interesting. The eyes are really striking. It's interesting. Also, there are several parts in which the animators added a slight blurring effect, like static to the scene to illustrate like magical things. Overall, the animation is pretty good. The anime seems like it has some rather dark undertones though. I don't have anything to say about the music. It's a little creepy.

Overall, I want to watch the show, but I don't think I want to buy it.

Ningyo no Mori/ Mermaid Forest

This is either a movie or an OVA. It doesn't give THAT much back story, which is why I say that. This is a very original anime. It concerns a legend that eating the flesh of a mermaid, you'll be immortal.

The movie begins by introducing the main male, Yuta. It shows him getting shot, being pronounced dead, and then being alive. We also meet the woman who ends up being a kind of villain character. She was dying, and her sister brought her mermaid's blood to heal her. It instead turned her forearm into a beastly claw that tried to turn her entire self evil. The dog also drank some and became evil and huge. Next, we see Yuta and his companion (who's new as far as I know). They are both immortal. She's new at it it seems. They are in the city where this claw woman lives. The girl accidentally falls off a cliff (how you can ACCIDENTALLY do that when you're standing on a cliff is beyond me) and falls to her 'death'. A man picks her up and brings her body up to the mansion where the claw woman is. Every three years, she needs to replace her forearm or it will transform her entire body. So doc, who loves the claw woman, begins to cut Yuta's girlfriend's arm off, and she wakes up. SO everyone freaks out. Yuta goes looking for the girl, and ends up at the mansion. Claw woman makes her dog attack him, and they ditch his body in the sea, not knowing he's like the girl. Claw woman tries to make the girl stay with her, but in the end decides that she wants her body, so she strangles her to allow the doctor to exchange their heads. The girl wakes up before it's done. Also, Yuta came back and claw woman forced the dog to fight him again. So, the sister of the law woman finally decides that she will show her where the mermaid's tomb is. They go there, and claw woman forces the girl to get some mermaid flesh. She gets attacked by the beast in the hole, who is their grandfather who was transformed by the flesh into a monster, the OTHER outcome of eating the flesh. Then Yuta shows up and saves the girl. The claw woman confronts her sister about the blood, and how she gave it to her as a tester. The sister ends up dying of cardiac arrest. They burn the tomb, and the claw woman and her lover run into the flames to end it all while the immortal pair watch.

The music is fairly mediocre. Nothing to get really excited about. The animation is fairly old, 80's at least. The story is kind of blah.

Overall, It was fairly interesting to watch, but I don't want to keep it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Megami Tensei OVA

I'm not going to pretend I really watched this. It was too horrible. The animation is practically ancient and it's blurry. The sound is crappy. The anime itself is waaaay out there. There's scenes in which pools of blood swallow people. Then you'll see a scene at school where everything is normal. It seems like the crazy stuff is in the guy's dreams. Either way, it's really graphic. No holds barred on the blood in the show. It's full of crazy stuff like people being sucked into cimputer screens, death up the wazoo, demons, evil, battles with a magic sword. It's just bad all around and no one deserves that kind of torture. So just say NO to Megami Tensei. JUST...SAY...NO!

Mars of Destruction OVA

This anime is one of those alternate reality kind of things where it's set on earth, but something happens that changes things from what we know as normal. There's weird alien things involved. It's also casted by almost entirely women.

The first episode begins in space. A crew of people carrying the Mars explorer explode in space before they can break the atmostphere. Then we see a note about strange things happening in Tokyo since them. Cue the next scene in which three kick butt girls are going to duke it out with some creepy looking weird things they call ancients. They are about human shaped but look WEIRD, with like red lights built into their faces. Lasers come out of their faces a blow one girl's head off!! The other two just shrug it off like nothing happened where as I'm like OMG HER FUCKING HEAD! IT'S JUST GONE! They go into action. One of the girl's gets knocked down and we think she's gonna get killed, but they stop when this big glowing possibly another ancient, shows up. He whips out a sword and starts attacking the anchients. He's on our side, good to know. He kicks some ass, but gets kicked in return, and ends up critical. We get inside his head, learn that that thing he's in is called the MARS and that he has EVA-like daddy issues. In the next scene, we're told they're taking some of the wreckage to the US for study. They need MARS to protect things. We also find out these girls are from the AAST, which fights the Ancients to keep the people safe. Now we're watching them transport it, and it looks like some Ancients are going to ambush it. A lot of them. And that happens, there's lots of blood, our MARS guy suits up, and the city is in flames. They sure don't skimp in the dramtics. There's some classical playing in the background while MARS fights a type of ancient the girl's have never seen before. He's tough. He beats him once, then the girls try to stop him and fail. Then MARS gets a big gun to play with. That kills him. Our next scene is a nice calm scene with some chatting in the US where the parts are going to go. Back in Japan, everyone's alive including that thing and we learn that they are the real Eathlings, and that the Human's are the invaders. OOOOH.... Must connect up to the game the exists...

The art in this series is sweet. There's some really cool designs in it. The suits, especially the MARS rock. The music is good. Not great, there's also no theme song as an OVA.

Overall, while the art is good and the plot amusing, the whole things just too ridiculous. It's not well planned, the scenes are too short, and there's not back story. So uck.

Mamotte Shugogetten

It's one of those random animes in which the guy gets a girl that basically protects him and takes care of him because he's her master. It's not new at all, but it's not super old either.

In the first episode of this series, we see our lead guy going about life. His dad is an archaeologist and is off doing stuff in other countries so our boy is living alone. One day, his dad sends him this trinket, it's like a mirrored oval thing. It has a Shugogetten in it. While he's making food, the angel like chick comes out of it, and he flips out. He ends up leaning up against a hot pot on the stove, which the girl grabs and dump it away to get him off of it. He's sad because his food is gone. She declares that she is there to protect him. She goes about fortifying his "fortress". Then the tv behind him turns on, so she summons some more people from her realm to kill it so it can't hurt her master. She doesn't know anything about this time. So the next day, his house is already in shambles, and she follows him to school. She ends up destroying said school. *sigh* The show will continue like this I'm sure, so I don't feel like I need to go into it more. She'll end up hurting him more and breaking more of his things than helping him. Basically being a total pain in the butt.

The animation is very 80s. Not bad 80's, just 80's. I don't have a lot to say about the music, it's not that impressive. I don't even remember it!

Overall, the show is not that bad, it's just not something I would want to watch that much.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trouble Chocolate

I have no idea how to describe this anime other that ODD. Very, very Odd.

The first episode begins with Cacao, Our lead man, waking up with a girl in his bed and freaking out. He has not idea how she got there. He decides it all a dream and goes back to sleep. Cut scene to two ninja looking women running behind a cat-alien driving a bike. Yeah no idea. And there's this awesomely cute alien cleaning a porch. Then our guy's alarm goes off. He goes into the bathroom, where there's singing, starts singing along then realizes there's someone in the bathroom. He sees her in the tub and freaks out and runs away. The two ninja chicks are out front and he stops short in front of them. He's in his PJs so they call him a pervert and kick him across the room. Our girl comes out, and seeing him down, confronts the two women. The admit to having done it and the girl goes DBZ on them l(Ie surrounded in flame like mist)and explodes them away. She mourns Cacao, who's not dead btw, and then he walks out onto the porch and she hugs him. He's like...your made of wood. She makes him breakfast after dressing, and he tries to remember what happened the night before. Then there's some stuff with a card in which the girl wants it, but the kid won't give it to her. The kid them dumps it and it flies into an alley where the monater on the card comes to life. Isn't that always how it happens? Then we see Cacao at school- He's tracking down what happened- on route, he encounters a melodramatic softball pitcher, her crazy boyfriend, a vampire professor, a huge ogre cross=dressing professor, ending with the Magic prof. So the Monster's easting up the city, and the girl wants to see Cacao- so she ends up going to school and is being followed by the monster. Go figure. What will happen now...

The music's pretty great. I like it. Nice rhythms. The animation is fairly new, It's well done.

Overall, the show is wacky, I probably don't want to watch it but everyone should at least watch and episode.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Da Capo

I'm not entirely sure what kind of anime this is. It's one set in high school with slightly magical things in it. Normal anime for the most part. There's some silliness, some lewdness, some general relationship confusion, the usual.

The anime starts out with a voice describing how he can see into other people's dreams, and it's boring. He's in someone's dream and the girl in the dream can't see that he's there, but can feel him, and they talk. He wakes up to his sister's random bell necklace and a pile of books on his chest. The sister goes to leave and our lead guy is like "we have to do your morning routine." She comes back rather abashedly, and the do a scene where it looks like they are going to kiss, but the brother just puts his head on her forehead to see if she still has a fever. Phew. Then he makes almost a sexual pass at her when he descibes the other option of taking her temperature in her armpit. She freaks out a runs off. Turns out, they aren't related by blood, so that makes it better. Then we see them walking to school through the always blossoming cherry trees. Then the scene pans to a window where a girl is looking out. she seems like she's a shut in. The bro and sis end up having to run to school, but they aren't actually late, everyone else is literally early. When they get to school, Nemu (aha! I got her name), the sister gets attacked by a friend who has one of those oh-so-close-yet-ok-in-Japanese-society relationships with her. Always interesting. The brother (Asakura) gets ignored. Until one of the guys in his class shows up and makes some bad puns. When they get in the school building, they find out they have a new transfer student. Asakura gets almost attacked by some girl, but Nemu deflects her (and gets complimented on it). Sakuranbo calls him Brother, but they are just cousins. Cue break. The next scene is lunch. Asakura and Nemu are chatting. He tries to hide from sakuranbo, but she finds his and the chase ensues. He tries to hide on the roof, but there's two sisters making a lunch on the roof. So he leaves. After school, Asakura escapes, and Nemu and her friend from earlier walk home with Sakuranbo. and learn some things are her. In the next scene we see Nemu and Asakura at home, they get in a little tiff, it's fairly amusing. He goes to his room and Sakura chan's just chillin' on his bed. She climbed in through the window. They chat, and Asakura does a magic trick, then Nemu comes in and Sakuranbo kisses Asakura before she leaves. Weird relationships abound. Nemu gets jealous. ooh, what will happen next!

The animation in this anime is good. Fairly new, but nothing spectacular. The music is the same, nothing really special.

I had this anime on my 50/50 list and overall I'm just bored with it. It's not horribly, it's just not GREAT.