Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trouble Chocolate

I have no idea how to describe this anime other that ODD. Very, very Odd.

The first episode begins with Cacao, Our lead man, waking up with a girl in his bed and freaking out. He has not idea how she got there. He decides it all a dream and goes back to sleep. Cut scene to two ninja looking women running behind a cat-alien driving a bike. Yeah no idea. And there's this awesomely cute alien cleaning a porch. Then our guy's alarm goes off. He goes into the bathroom, where there's singing, starts singing along then realizes there's someone in the bathroom. He sees her in the tub and freaks out and runs away. The two ninja chicks are out front and he stops short in front of them. He's in his PJs so they call him a pervert and kick him across the room. Our girl comes out, and seeing him down, confronts the two women. The admit to having done it and the girl goes DBZ on them l(Ie surrounded in flame like mist)and explodes them away. She mourns Cacao, who's not dead btw, and then he walks out onto the porch and she hugs him. He's like...your made of wood. She makes him breakfast after dressing, and he tries to remember what happened the night before. Then there's some stuff with a card in which the girl wants it, but the kid won't give it to her. The kid them dumps it and it flies into an alley where the monater on the card comes to life. Isn't that always how it happens? Then we see Cacao at school- He's tracking down what happened- on route, he encounters a melodramatic softball pitcher, her crazy boyfriend, a vampire professor, a huge ogre cross=dressing professor, ending with the Magic prof. So the Monster's easting up the city, and the girl wants to see Cacao- so she ends up going to school and is being followed by the monster. Go figure. What will happen now...

The music's pretty great. I like it. Nice rhythms. The animation is fairly new, It's well done.

Overall, the show is wacky, I probably don't want to watch it but everyone should at least watch and episode.

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