Sunday, February 04, 2007

Iria: Zeiriam the Animation OVA

This show had great potential. It’s about a brother and sister bounty hunter, well, actually about Iria, the sister.

In the first episode, we come into in when Iria is trying to collect a bounty. She comes in and kicks some butt, but another bounty hunter steals the bad guy from her. Then she goes back home. He brother is preparing to leave on a job. He leaves, but meets up with some robot kind of guys trying to stop him. Iria hears the shots, and basically hitches a ride on the top of the other (the one her took her bounty) bounty hunter’s craft. She helps her brother and hinders the bounty stealer. She ends up hitching a ride with her brother to help with the job. They are supposed to help the crew and get the cargo. When they get there, the place is a bloody mess. Most of the crew is dead, because of the cargo. They had though it was being held up, but that’s not the case. Turns out, the cargo is this creepy immortal monster that they created. It killed off a bunch of the crew. Iria’s brother fights it, and wins, then their friend bob fights it, and loses, but Iria sends him off in the escape pod with the others. Iria and her bro need to get off the ship, but end up having to fight the Zeriam. Iria gets out, and her brother says he;s going to take the last escape pod and meet him. I’m not going to spoil the ending.

The animation is 80’s, but the concept art is really cool. I like what they did with the world they created, but the story falls a little short. The music is pretty cool kind of surreal and 80’s which is quite the combo.

Overall, the plot doesn’t impress me, but I wouldn’t completely balk at seeing more of it.

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