Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gokujou Seitokai/Best Student Council

This anime is about a group of girls, the Gokujou Setokai student council, that basically watch the backs of the school and kick butt.

In the first episode, we meet this girl who is being sent to a new high school by a Pen pal she’s never met. She has this “friend” named Puuchan who is a puppet on her right hand. He’s weird looking. You get the sense that it’s actually one of her dead parents souls. So, when she gets off the train where she’s going to be going to school, she discovers that her apartment burned down, and she has no place to live. She ends up sleeping in front of her school. In the process of going to the school, she gets in the way of the Gokujou Setokai trying to catch a criminal. She spends the rest of the episode making new friends amid the Gokujou Setokai and being admitted to their ranks. These girls are crazy. They have great skills, but can also become completely silly.

The animation ok, It’s new, it just doesn’t impress me. The theme is pretty good, very upbeat.

Overall, the show COULD have been good sans the puppet, but the puppet ruins everything.

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