Friday, November 17, 2006

Welcome to NHK

this anime is pretty random, not gonna lie. The first scene will have you going WTF! Had me doing it. It's definitely one of those alternative kind of animes that don't really have a genre.

The first episode begins with this crazy gun wielding fellow in a suit yelling about how there's a conspiracy all around him. Insert random inserted images of a shoujo chibi character and there's that. Then he sees the girl with the umbrella- she accompanies the dundundundundun of an accordion. Cue big, black-ish spectral giant being. Suit man runs at it and bites the hat of some crazy little animal (which turns into a bomb) and runs at the creature. Then wakes up. He shuts his clock off, then mentally discusses his life for awhile. Next door, someone is constantly playing a shoujo anime theme song and it's driving our main guy crazy. Turns out, he's basically a agoraphobic, who one day on the way to class at a university, just turns back to his house in terror and has been there for a year. A scene later, he decides he's part of this conspiracy, and that the NHK (Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai- translated to mean something like"The Social Outcast Association of Japan" all hail google.) is trying to make more NEETs (Not in education, employment or training) by using anime to make otakus. He realizes he is a NEET but not an otaku, and thus part of the conspiracy. The next scene has a knock on his door. He thinks it might be the electric company come to collect. SO he answers it and it's a religious woman with a pamphlet about the NHK and NEETs that she thinks can help him. She also brings this girl along, the one from his dream. Our guy claims he's not a NEET and basically scares them off, or rather the woman off, not the girl. So he decides that he needs to get a part time job. SO in the morning he gets dressed, and goes to a Manga Cafe to see if he can get a job. The girl's there and he makes an ass of himself and runs away. The girl shows up at his house later, dropping off his resume with a note on the back saying to meet her in the park at 9 PM. He goes, and she's like, I want to help you stop being a NEET. The episode leaves you hanging a bit.

The opening art for this is kind of odd. Not gonna lie. It's almost like an ipod ad without any color. It's kind of pop arty, so I can't entirely resent it. There is one shot of an umbrella with holes in it that makes me wonder... There's also a whole puzzle thing I don't entirely understand. Some of the animation in the show itself is odd, furniture comes to life a few times, and that's WEIRD looking, but other than that, the animation is pretty good. The music is great. I like the theme a lot. It's very peppy, but not too pop like. It's good times.

Overall, I pretty much heart this anime. It's bizarre and random but utterly intriguing. Check it out.

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