Monday, November 06, 2006

Sousei no Aquarion/ Holy Genesis Aquarion

Let's first begin by stating that this anime is in fact crazy weird. There's stuff about reincarnations, winged people, and there's mechas. The main character is almost like Tarzan in his wildness. It's very interesting. This one character dresses like a soccer player and has a flaming foot when he kicks at you. Another character, a girl, has tele kenisis. Tee reincarnated souls of the people who are the lead characters make appearences in the anime too.

The episode begins with an intro about the people that pilot the mechas. It leads into a scene with a factory, in which several homelss kids are stealing food to eat. The police show up, and two kids battle them as a distraction so the little kids can escape. They succeed in kicking some cop butt. Then, we see some of these mecha pilots hiding under the street, strudying one of the boys that fought. They think that he is someone who can join thier team so they were sent out to find him. They fight with him, and while doing that, the aliens their fighting attack. They hypnotize the people around them, and the people get sucked into a building, become trapped. The guy that they think will be able to join their group, tries to save his friends and gets half sucked into the building. Then some more of these mech guys come and try to save the day. They try to, but fail at first and then....telling you what happens ruins it.

The art is very cool, clear, and very pretty. The concepts behind it are very cool. The mechs are seriously awesome. They are like transformers, made of 3 ships that merge together. They, through various combinations, can gain differerent powers. For some reason, regardless of the crazyness, I loved it. So I'd recomment just trying to get through the frist ep to see what you think.

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