Friday, November 03, 2006

Kyou Kara Maou

This anime is an action comedy. It flips back and fourth. The cast is almost entirely made of bishounens. It's slightly homo-erotic in nature (the lead ends up proposing to a guy because he doesn't know the customs). Also, a lot of side characters appear to be gay men. But don't let that fool you into hating the anime. You'll learn to love them.

Here's the story. One day, the main character Yuuri, a middle school student, gets bullied after trying to stand up for a guyhe knew. He is taken to a bathroom and given a swirly. Instead of just getting some weird hair, he actually gets sucked into the toilet and into a parallel world. Yes, yes, i know what you're thinking. That's the stupidest way for anything to happen, I know. But as it turns out, water is just his medium to get to and from this world. Anyway, when he arrives in this world, he meets up with the villian, then is saved by the people who end up being his closest compatriots. They tell him he is the new Maou (Demon King) of this world (New Makoku). Naturally he freaks out. Turns out that he is basically the human body containing the Demon soul of the new Maou- making him the Maou. The Maou's soul was sent to earth to grow up becuase the Maou at the time didn't think it was safe in their world. So, through a series of mis-deeds and adventures, Yuuri becomes the Maou and tries to help his new people.

I often post about the songs in each anime as habit, but I have to say that I absolutely love this opening theme song. It's really cool. The animation is very good, since this is a new seires. I belive it may still be airing in Japan, but don't quote me. It is, however, not yet licensed in the US yet. The anime is very quotable, and very funny, but not in a bad way. It's sometimes silly, sometimes serius, but always good. It's a perfect balance of drama, action, and comedy. I recommend it highly to anyone.

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