Monday, November 06, 2006

Shaman King

This is a fairly old anime, and what I mean by that is that is came out in the 90's. It's fairly interesting. It brings a new term in that I hadn't heard in this context. A Shaman- someone who connects the living and the dead worlds. Our lead guy can combine himself with other spirits and use their power and knowledge. It's pretty cool. I just started watching it, but I'm behind on some things.

The first ep begins with this extraordinarily small high school student named Manta. I mean, he's like 2 feet tall. He's walking home from school when he first meets the Shaman (he has a name, I just forgot it). He was surrounded by ghosts. Turns out, he just transfered to Manta's school! Shaman-kid pretends not to know Manta, afterall, he doesn't want any trouble. For the nest few days, this Manta is obsessed with the ghosts and decides to get a picture of the kid with the ghosts. He goes back to the cemetary that night and ends up being beaten up! (by some thugs, not Shaman-kid) He goes to school the next day, and shaman-kid befriends him and decides to help him. They go back to the cemetary that nigh to avenge Manta, and that's when shaman-kid reveals his awesome powers.

The art's average, nothing really special about most of the characters. The samurai however, is very detailed and well done in comparsion. The anime is kinda silly, but filled with the supernatural. It's something I'd watch if it's on, but I'm not real draw to it. Seems very interesting though!

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