Sunday, November 05, 2006

Legend of Condor Hero

This anime is one of those classic 'train the kid to be a warrior' animes.

The main character's uncle brings him to a temple to learn how to fight (mainly because his aunt wants him out of the house). When the get to the foot of the steps to the temple, the encounter temple guards, that assume they are enemies. The try to fight them off. The kid and his uncle take another way to get in. They get caught, or rather the nephew does. The uncle goes up to the temple and learns that it's under attack. He helps defend the temple (as he was trained there) and the kid ends up fooling his captor and escaping, to join the fight, at least a little. They win (0f course) and the temple takes the nephew on. A romance develops towards the end of the ep, but I don't want to ruin the awesomeness that is of it.

The animation is good. Fairly new. The music is okay.

Overall, I happen to like this anime a lot. There's some action, some myth, some romances, and some humor.

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