Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bakuretsu Hunters/Sorcer Hunters

This anime is one of those where there's a group of heroes out to stop the bad guys of the world, in this case, the evil sorcerers of the world.

The first episode is entitled "Float Bridge of Love. I'll give s very short summery of the episode, which is pretty rare for me. So there's this evil guy that's been taking all of the women in this one city and feeding them to his pet evil thing. He's a handsome count, who just happens to be evil. So, the SH/BH are called in to save this one girl's sister, she's been taken by the count. So the main guy in the group, who's cool but kind of a dolt sometimes, goes head first into the situation and falls into a pit. wow, nice move. The BH have to come save him as well as the girl. They stay at the sister's house. We soon find out that the girl is actually in league with the count to get rid of her sister because she's into the count and the count chose her sister. So jealousy got between them. She was actually going to drop her own sister into the pit, but the gang stop her, using partly strength and partly discussion. The kill the bad guy and Save everybody.

Both the music and the animation are very 80's which isn't that bad. It's not horrible, but it's not very good either. I can stand to watch it, but not enough to be totally into it.

Overall, not really into this anime.

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