Saturday, November 11, 2006


This anime is pretty cool. The main character is a hugely tall red headed high school girl. She's a fighter. She can literally fly when she fights, leaping up into the air several FEET and do acrobatics. She can bounce off buildings and walls ect. There's an undergorund fighting ring in the city she's in, and she's undefeated so far. I think she's also involved in gymnastics, and that's one of the reasons why she's so good.

The first ep begins by zooming into a scene of a fight she gets involved in. She shootes into the air and twists inot a fighting pose, then the opener begins. The ep shoots over to a video arcade where a freakingly small highschooler is wailing over loosing a game where you use a claw to get the prizes. He friends won't help her, but the red-headed chick helps her, and basically gets stuff for all four girls, taking everything out of the machine. She befriends them and they wander off together. Some guys hit on one her friends, and red-head ends up kicking their butts. Then another guy shows up, and she goes to an alley to battle him. She wins. Her new friends had watched the whole thing, but they thought she was just the coolest person ever!

The animimation is fairly interesting. It's mostly normal, but there are some odd bits on animation every so often. Some expressions and some other elements are sometimes pretty odd. But overall, I like the series and recommend it.

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