Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tokyo Underground

This is your pretty basic anime in overall concepts. There's some sillyness, there's some action, there's some magic, there's some fighting, and there's some romance. But, it's done it a pretty cool way. There's characters that fight with magic, characters that fight with sheer trength, mysterious characters, and of course, your classic side charcters that are the voice of reason. Here's the episode.

In the first epsiode, we are shown the two female main characters in the first few minutes. They are a womand named Chealsea and the girl she's protecting, Ruri, the Maiden of Life (don't ask, I don't know yet, and It would ruin something if I told you anyway). They are fleeing for the Underground (which is, go figure, under Tokyo). They are running away from the villian and his clawed Mecha henchman. These things are seriously cool. They are people sized robots with claws (ala the Japanese character Gloomy) and red eyes. They are bad-ass enough to be the reason I watch the show. So, through magical means, the two girls escape from the Underground.

Switch into the life of main mail charachter. He's dreaming about getting a girlfriend. He wakes up and realizes it was a dream, and it sad like all guys are in anime about realizing those are dreams : ) Then, rather randomly, spikes fall down from the ceiling and attempt to crush him. Turns out, as you watch his go through test after test, that it's his training. Traininf for what, I don't know, but I would assume for kicking-butt. Then his friend picks him up, he goes to school, gets in a fight, and comes home after school. He then meets the lead females which have come up through a hole in his backyard. Chealsea is injured, so she asks our lead guy to protect them. And the story leaves off there, with a few details I didn't mention and some sillyness.

I like the anime thus far. It's intrugued me to keep watching, but I'm not so in love with it that if I couldn't get anymore, my life would just end. It has some good plot points, some intrigue to make me intersted, and some of Japan's usual pervy humor. So far, I recommend it, but it's definately a viewer's decision.

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