Friday, November 03, 2006

Ouran High School Host Club

This show is amazing. It's super shojou in and full of shjou-ey glory. There's a cast of bishonen men (the smart one, the cutesy one, the intense one, the ridiculous one, and the insestsous twins) and a crossdressing girl who fools the entire school. There are several stand alone episodes in the series, but the main arc is more of a following Haruhi'S (the girl) life with the Host Club. It also follows the various romances between Haruhi and members of the Host Club.

Ouran is a prestigeious school for the rich, and Haruhi is so not rich. She is middle class, but the students at Ouran are SUPER rich. The first episode sets up the story very well. The school is introduced, the characters, the lead, and the arc. It flows really well. The characters are very cool and very lovable. Everyone that likes the series has their favorite. The first ep explains why Haruhi became the dog of the host club, then how she got into the group, and finally how the group realized that SHE was a SHE and not a He. : )

The opening song is absoultely great, as are all the songs in the series. The opening art is very cool, essentially anime with dark outlines. Don't let this foo you however, the series is normal. There are a few interesting touches though. Some scenes, mostly when the Host Club first appears in wach episode are surrounded by a border of roses. There are also boxes that will appear randomly that include an amusing notes that goes with the scene. Luckily, this doesn't take away from the shows, it's not that distracting.

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Danny said...

Yeh this show rocks! I wasn't too interested in the beginning and I didn't really laugh in all the spots where everyone else did, but I grew to love it later on.