Monday, November 27, 2006

Fushigi Yuugi

This is a shoujo anime. There’s the classicpremise of a school girl getting powers. There’s plenty of bishounens in this.

The show starts out my explaining the book, and what the book does for the main character. When we meet the main character, she’s having a dream.. Big shock. She’d fallen asleep at school, and when she wakes up, she ends up hitting her teacher with her desk. She has to go out into the hall and hold the pose with the desk until class ends. After school, she goes to the National Library with her best friend. When she’s at the library, there’s a random shot of her surrounded bu a pinkish background and there’s a phoenix behind her. The bird disappears up a flight of steps. Yuugi (her last name) follows. She ends up in a reference room, where her friend finds her. A book drops off a shelf and her friend reads it aloud and they get sucked into the story, literally. Then up in a desert, where they get attacked by slave traders, then saved by a blue haired bishouenen. a few minutes later the girl’s friend gets sucked back into the real world, while yuugi stays here. Her friend is reading the book as yuugi’s in it. Yuugi things the dude kidnapped her friends so she hops on a wagon to find him. She finds him in a city. While looking for the guy, she gets tricked by some bad guys into following them, and the are going to sell her! She fights them with some wrestling moves, by the bishi ends up having to save her again.

The theme song is very 80’s Maddona-esque, which isn’t a bad thing. The animation is pretty good, fairly clear. The color is good, as are the character designs. There are sections of straight up drawings with dialog, where some of the characters move in the background and when I say move, I mean the placement of the drawings change. Some of the voices in the dub are highly annoying. Most notably, the main characters. The main girl is actually really annoying on several accounts.

Overall, give this a shot. I kinda dig it, but I need to keep watching it to really know.

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