Friday, November 03, 2006

Gun X Sword

This anime is very awesome. The main characters, Van and Wendy, rock. Van is a very Spike (ala Cowboy Bebop) kind of character. He moves a lot like him, and he's a thin cowboy looking hero. He's also good with his weapon of choice, a sword that become a belt and vice versa. Wendy is just cool. She has her brother's gun that she uses, red (natural red) braids similar to Pippy Longstockings, and a necklace that is actually a pet turtle. Totally kawaii!

The main arc is that both of them are after the same man, this nameless villian with a claw. He took Wendy'd brother, and I think he killed someone Van loved, so he's out for revenge and she's just trying to get her brother back. Thus they are chasing the clawed man. They meet up with some other characters along the way, and add people to their traveling group. Oh, but the coolest part of this anime is that it combines genres. It's like a cowboy-mecha anime. It's very cool. Van pilots a mecha called Dann. Van turns his hat to one side and it calls it down from Outerspace. It looks just like his sword til' it lands and morphs into this kick butt Mecha. Very cool.

The music is very cool. As is the art. The art is very modern, but not in a bad way. It's just very clean and well constructed. I recommend it. It has a good plot, has good character developement, and awesome action scenes. Check it out!

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