Monday, November 27, 2006

Blue Gender

Yes, I know. I’m behind since this is such a well known older series, so shoot me. Anyway, this is one of those alternate reality shows, where everything’s different. There’s a lot of advanced weaponry and some pretty cool creatures. It’s pretty mind trippy, not like Akira or anything, but still mind trippy.

The first episode opens with our guys preparing for battle, IE getting in the right places. It also starts out with some Eva like weirdness. This guy is being transported in a case on a gurney, then the guys that are pulling him get killed and his case flips and breaks. He sits up, looks in front of him, and sees a flippin' mech! …and it’s fighting something else, some messed up cross between and rhino and a spider. A capsule dude gets to watch as on the guys pushing the gurney (his body anyway) gets folder into a neat little ball. Needless to say he flips out. The thing turns to attack him and hi pisses himself. Literally. But get saved when the big bug is shot a lot. Turns out the mechs are the good guys, and one of them was sent to retrieve him “the sample”. Ooh. Interesting. He runs away, like any normal person would when confronted with a mecha. Cue a series of flashbacks that give capsule boys background. He’s been asleep for a looooong time. He had an incurable disease, so it was put on cryostasis till they woke him up. It must've been a while ‘cause Tokyo is now inhabited by huge carnivorous bugs. SO with some help from the outside and a few more battles, the kid gets saved.

the animation for this series is SWEET! Totally rocking. There’s mechs, flying ships, awesome armored soldiers, and they are very detailed. Totally cool.

I want to keep watching it, but I’m not gonna get it I don’t think. Worth checking out tho.

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