Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kare Kano / His and Her Circumstances

This is an anime I'm still undecided about. It's based off the manga, which is now published in the USA by Tokyo Pop. I have a feeling that it would be better as a manga, and that I would love it as a manga, but until I have money, it's only a theory.

But here's what I know. The anime is about a girl whom everyone adores. She's sweet, smart, athletic, ect. At least on the outside. She's really the complete opposite. She's lazy, means, and selfish. She's been putting on this act since kindergarten. That's how much she loves and needs to be adored by other people. One day, her first day of Freshman year actually, she gets a rival. He's an attractive guy that is everything she pretends to be and he steals, unintentionally, the limelight. Now the main girl is RAGING. She is doing everything in her power to show this guy up and still not getting any where. She essentially wages war and swears to get revenge!

Now, the characters are great in this, but becuase it so closely follows manga art (including the distortions and such) it is almost difficult to watch. There's also several scenes in which someone is speaking while mulitiple people are talking in the background, and all the translation appears on the screen at once. Granted, I'm a fast reader, but I can only read on line at a time. It's this reason that I think I'd like it as a manga, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up on the anime, just putting it aside. Overall, the show has good characters, a good plot, and (so far) no ecchi. So I approve.


Cassie said...

lol its been lyk a whole year since this was written

i like the anime but i feel like the makers got lazy with it (it jumps into manga mode too many times)


Bluen said...

The mangas amazing. Well worth a read in my opinion. The reason lots of it was 'manga mode' and poor quality animation is because:

1. It was made in 1998, we're 10 years ahead in technology then they were then.

2. They were working on an extremely low budget.

3. Because they were on an extremely low budget, the original director backed out around six or seven episodes before the last one. This caused a lot of trouble including a whole episode of 'manga mode'. All episodes after that were pretty poor.

I don't know much more then that, but It's definately still my favourite anime/manga.