Monday, November 27, 2006

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

This is one of those awesome magical girl kind of shows. What’s interesting about it, is that it’s kind of the female version of DN angel. By day, our lead girl is a normal high schooler, by night, she’s a bad ass thief (the reincarnation of Joan D'Arc aka Joan of Arc) that steals objects that demons are using to get to humans. It’s a really interesting concept.

The first episode begins with a shout of “Checkmate-o!” and spot lights lighting. Jean has stuck again! The chase after her begins. She jumps along rooves to get away. We leave the scene on a girl basically swearing out kaitou Jean. Cue intro. The next thing we see is a school scene. Jean, as a normal girl, is at school. She’s with her best friend while she bitches about how Jeanne got away (she was the girl in the end of the last scene!) So we get a couple of scenes about our lead girl's life. Come to find out, there's another demon she has to take care of. Jeanne (it's easier to call her that) has a tiny angel that works with her and send her cards out that say she's going to steal something. So Jeanne has a inner debate over it, because he friend is going to set a trap for her and she doesn't want to get into it. She ends up doing it to save her friend because if the demons take over, the earth is doomed. SO she goes and "steals" the painting, she actually just pins the demon into the painting and it turns into a chess piece, thus the Checkmate reference from the beginning. She saves the day and escapes as usual. There's an interesting religious aspect to this anime which makes me fairly leery. Jeanne has to do her job or the demons take over earth and God dies. Kinda makes me less liking the show.

The theme song is pretty cool. Good to sing along to. The animation isn’t entirely new, But it’s still very good. I like it.

Overall, the show is fairly good. You should check it out.

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