Tuesday, November 07, 2006

La Cordo D'Oro: Primo Passo

D'Oro is a shoujo anime. The characters are very beautiful and sophisitcated. The setting is a music school, no, I take that back. SOME of it, is a music school. Those are the super stuffy people. What's amusing, is that you can tell what year someone is by the color of their necktie.

This episode starts much like the first day at any school. We see some of the students, and the main character is late. But what's odd, is that there's a voice talking that no one seems to notice. Our herione soon discovers it's a fairy, one that only she can see! She freaks out naturally, and goes to class. Later, she has to take some supplies over to a music classroom (how I discovered the music people were jerks) and on the way their trips, and is saved from injury by a handsom guy of her same year. At lunch that day, the names of the students who will be in the music contest are called, and our girl is on it! Talk about shocked. EVERYONE was shocked. She tries to explain, but everyone's like, you're in, so...just do it. Then Lili- the fairy (a guy, mind you) gives her a magic violin and she FREAKS OUT AGAIN. *sigh* She really needs to relax. Anyway, she tries to refuse and can't. So she takes the violin and leaves. She sees some girls picking on the first year that got into the competion and sticks up for her. She gets challenged by the girls, and right before she begins to play the magical violin...the split to the intro. So, I'm hooked, and they left me hanging. Typical.

The art in the intro, before the actual opening, is cool. It's almost like it was done in pastels. It's a narrative, that gives the waaay backstory of the anime. It's pretty neat, there's a fairy involved. I like the rest of the art. It's a lot like Ouran. The guys are very pretty. The music in the show is very well done, and beautiful. Overall, I recommend this anime to all comers. It should have some very interesting twists in it along the way!


noah said...

hi... i've been hooked lately with watching la cordo d'oro...actually i saw it in a commercial in axn then i searched it in crunchyroll. and i'm enjoying it! loooove it. im currently in episode 17:D

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