Friday, November 03, 2006


The main character of the anime is very cool. She's totally kick butt and is like 007 but better. Bt I sense that there is some psychological trauma going on here.

The very first moments of the actual anime are weird. Just weird. But that's like 30 seconds. Madlax comes on screen a minute later. She's awesome. She is one of the best agents this one organization has. She jumps out of a plane without opening her parachute (so shw doesn;t draw attention to herself) but opens it just right that it catches on the trees and she hangs a few feet off the ground. We also get to watch the people that she's obviously after as they go through a checkpoint. It continues to flash back and fourth between her and them for the duration of the episode.

There's a moment of trippy psychodelicness in which the guy that joined up with her turns into this other, it seems kinda like a flashback. I think it has something to do with the fact that she knows this guy is going to die but I don't really know.She has this weird thing about pasta- she's going to eat it afet her mission (i approve, yay pasta) but she says it several times, including after the trippy flash back moment.

The Opening theme is good. I also like some stuff about the animation. I'm not quite sure how to differntiate what I like from what I don't but there's some 80's animation and some more modern animation. It's an odd combo. I'm not sure I like this one. It's fairly odd for a first ep but I am willing to DL the next ep and just see.

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