Saturday, November 04, 2006


I hope most people have seen Inuyasha, but that doesn't mean that I don't need to have a review of it on the site : ) This is an anime that involves magic, action, curses, multiple worlds, demons, ex-lovers, and of course, a Japanese school girl.

The very first episode brings in the 3 main characters. It begins with Kagome, the Japanese school girl. She lives with her brother, Grandfather, and Mother, near and ancient well. One day, her cat goes into the building where the well is, and then she gets grabbed by a demon and pulled into the well. She leaves modern Japan and is taken back in time to the Warring States. There, she finds Inuyasha trapped against a tree with a sacred arrow that was fired by the Priestess Kikyo. Local villagers see her, and capture her, assuming she was going to release Inuyasha. Kikyo's younger sister (now old) recognizes Kagome as Kikyo reincarnation of her sister becuase she had the Sacred Jewel inside her. Later, when the village is attacked by the same demon that pulled Kagome into the well, Kagome is forced to release Inuyasha in order to save the village. After Inuyasha beats the demon, he begins to chase after Kagome becuase she has sacred jewel. Kikyo's sister says a spell that puts a necklace around Inuyasha's neck that forces him to listen to the command word choosen by Kagome (heh. SIT!!)

This series is epically long, around 167 episodes, so that of course means that it has some filler episodes, and a few arcs, but that doesn't make it bad. The arcs are very well deveopled. and the filler episodes are still cool. I highly recommend this series. It's fun, cool, and addictive!

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Tabbi said...

Nice review. I am a Inuyasha FANATIC! email me if you ever want to talk about all things INUYASHA! lol.