Monday, November 27, 2006

Aria the Animation

This anime is fairly odd. It’s set on a terra-formed mars. They call Earth “Man-Home”. It’s like Venice, b/c everything is water. It focuses on a group of people that want to be Undines or gondolier people.

The first thing you see when the episode begins is a sign saying “aria company” and a weird, but cute creature looking out a window. ‘Parently, it speaks. And is President Aria. the chick that was sleeping in the bed bows to it and says good morning. Then we see this same girl and another preparing breakfast. Apparently they’re like gondoliers. Interesting. They live in Neo-Venizia (aka New Venice). We learn that this is on Mars, called aqua in the show, b/c it’s entirely water. Yay terra forming. We see a very interesting scene of our lead girl leaving earth and landing on mars, in which she’s obviously in an air craft, but it looks like there’s nothing there. Weird. We’re told that she wants to be a professional Undine. (ooh, Greek myths. Mixin’ it up) Which means she wants to be a gondolier. Weiiiiirrrrd. Her company gets a call, it’s little girl, but there are not more time slots available in Alica (the best gondolier)’s schedule. SO the girl hangs up. Arika, our lead girl, goes to practice her gondoliering and finds the same girl in her boat. She ends up being initially forced to take this girl with her, then they kind of sort of become friends. They’re riding around, and meet another gondolier, whoms gondola they get on to go see Alicia. They all stop for a buttered potatoes, and President ends up falling in the…water. So they have to rescue him. Akira practiced rowing backwards, so she gets to row to save him. Alicia showed up and ended up saving him.

The art is very good. Clear and very well done. the music is very slow and soothing, and it’s kind of one of those solve great moral issues kind of shows.

I kind of like it. ( I know, lots of indecision, but it can’t be helped.) Check it out anyway for a taste of something completely out of the ordinary, even for an anime, and that’s SAYING something!

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