Friday, November 10, 2006

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge

This OVA was created off of the Darkstalker games created by Capcom. You'd think that would make it horrible, and it definately makes it CRAZY, but it's not as bad as it could be. It's set in two worlds. The first is earth, which is being run by this jerky Vamp/Demon and then there the Demon world. The characters are so cool. There's all this cool demon stuff in, with skulls and the like everywhere, and people have horns and wings and super powers like it's nothing. It's pretty cool. The OVA has four parts.

The first part introduces the main character, Morgan, this kick ass demon chick. It also introduces the vamp/demon guy that's currently chillin' on earth wating to take back the demon world. He's fairly angsty. But not all is well in the human world. Demetri (vamp boy), took away the sun somehow, and the human's are starting to want to revolt. They've decided to kill Demitri (good plan I think) and also get rid of all the other Darkstalkers. It basically turns into an all out war between the two(so it seems).

The art is veyr nineties, it kind of reminds me of Gargoyles. The show itself is kind of hard to look away from. It's pretty addictive. You can totally see the influence of the game on it and it's really cool. You can totally pick out the differerent moves from the game in it. Overall, I recommend you check it out. It's pretty amusing


Great quotes from the show:
"So we've been sitting around here with out thumbs in our butts for nothing?"
"It's that succusbus broad!"
"you want me to save you a few souls?" "No thanks, I've never been a fan of" organized religion"
"Bezulbub's Box! Where did those things come from!"

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